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In which risotto spells disaster…

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Last week, not long after I’d posted my Sunday diary entry, I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch. Little did I know that the lovely asparagus and pea risotto I made myself would give me a serious case of the dreaded food poisoning. (I’ll be sticking to micro chips in the future I think.)

Monday was a bit of a write-off as I recovered. Someone must have been looking out for me as it was a Bank Holiday so I couldn’t dispatch orders anyway…but it got me thinking- what’s my back up plan if I’m ill?

In general I’m not an “ill person”, in fact, since getting over severe Glandular Fever in 2012 I actually haven’t even had as much as a cold. Plus, even when I’m ill I find it really hard to sit and do nothing so it’s never been something I’ve had to think about. 

Sunday completely floored me though and it’s made me realise I’ve been playing with fire for a while. Being a one woman show there isn’t much room for error- orders need to be dispatched and if I’m not doing it no one is. With Christmas not far from my mind I recognised I needed a back up plan in case I ever try my hand at risotto again…

I think this is where you have to draw from the support of friends and family. I’m lucky enough that if I was taken down with a 24hour bug I could rely on them to help me out for the day. If I was ill for weeks? That needs some serious consideration. It’s going to be a week of crunching numbers and finding solutions.

It’s important to remember we’re not all super heros and we’re allowed to get ill. I’m thinking of it like holiday insurance- I might not need my safety net now, I damn well hope I never need it but I know I’ll be sorry if I never had it in the first place.

What’s your plan if you’re ill? Do you have a plan that factors in rest or are you straight back to it?

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